Working With The Photographer During The Wedding

At the ceremony, listen carefully to the photographer’s direction. You have more control of your wedding party than the photographer so you are influential in getting people lined up for photos, and especially more control than a  photo booth Orlando. Remember, time is money. After the receiving line, have the wedding party remain seated up front so the photographer can work quickly. If you have to be aggressive with your family, do so. This way the photographer does not have to, like good cop, bad cop. You do not want guests complaining that the photographer was rude.  Your guests will never say YOU were rude, they’ll understand that you’re upset with the lack of quick response on everyone’s part.  Your guests should stand clear when the photographer is setting people up and they should not take photos, as their flashes will set off the photographer’s remote slave strobe lights, which take several seconds to recharge. This is portrait time only, and you are paying big money for so your guests must be patient and stand clear.  Have someone with authority carry this out.  A truly professional photographer knows that your guests want photos in the church badly.  Your aunt Rose flew 2,000 miles and damn it, she’s going to get a photo.  So the better photographers will wait until the full bridal party shot has been taken, then announce that guests can take a minute to shoot pictures.  This is usually the best, most picturesque shot anyway, all posed for you by the photographer.  At a friend’s wedding, the photographer after taking the shot stated “Stop, don’t move, anyone who wants this shot come get it right now”.  A smart photographer would make this the last shot at the church.  As an added plus, they might even leave their strobe on for a few minutes for people with decent cameras, so they get great fill lighting.   This way, unavoidable conflicts don’t arise with guests wishing to take pictures. At the reception milestones like garter toss and cake cutting, don’t start until your photographer is in place with a good angle to take the shot. A good photographer is already in place if they work closely with the DJ, but things happen and you do want to make sure they don’t miss it.

So what package did we get for our wedding? 

We got the 6 hour plan with 62 8×10’s, a Leather Craftsman Upgrade, a 16 x 20 bridal portrait and portable studio setup displayed at the reception, and a proof book with 420 proofs. These were 375 proofs from the wedding, and 50 from a location shoot with the family 2 days prior to the wedding. Also included was a parent album with 24 5×7’s.  This package was $2299.  Ouch! We paid $300 extra to get the upgrade from Art Leather PermaBound to Leather Craftsman, and were real glad to do so.  It’s like paying extra money for a Lexus.  Sure it’s a lot of cash, but it’s worth it. But we originally signed the contract for Art Leather, waited to think about it, and when all 63 of our 8×10’s were ready and we reviewed them with the studio, we used some of our gift money to upgrade to the Leather Craftsman. Cool idea, huh? This type of package is not suited to everyone, but it was for us.

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