Commitment Assured Not the Results

Clients often seek guarantee from attorney SEO firms as a proof of its credentials before assigning the job. But in reality no SEO firm, practicing ethical search engine optimization norms, can confirm you a top-notch position in the search engine rankings. Because we can’t influence the search engine ranking process.

The search engine results and index are the exclusive properties of the search engines. What an honest SEO firm does is that it makes your web site compatible for winning the top positions in search engine rankings.

We guarantee you our expertise, our dedicated effort and our vast experience in SEO to churn out the best. The rest is controlled by the search engines.

Guarantee is an alluring bait that the fly-by-night SEO firms dangle before you to win your confidence. Beware of them!

Popularity of the Search Engine Matters Not The Numbers

Some search engine submission and optimization firms play with the numbers to woo the clients’ psyche. They promise you plum rankings in more than thousand search engines. This is extremely ludicrous. They tend to distract you from the reality. The reality says that 95% of the traffic is controlled by 15-20 search engines.

So, top search engine ranks in few quality search engines are much more desirable and useful than futile rankings in countless mediocre search engines. So before going ahead with your SEO firm, we request you to make sure that your web site would be submitted to the major search engines, not to run-of-the-mill ones.

The lists of search engines that the crooked SEO firms flaunt to substantiate their baseless claims include innumerable FFA pages and link farms. These pages can hardly win any traffic for you. Not only that, your web site may bear the brunt of your hasty decision. Hiring the service of such dubious SEO firms can have adverse effects on your web site’s popularity and credibility.

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