Capturing LeCoultre’s Design on a Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch

One of the most famed Swiss watch company is probably the Jaeger-LeCoultre. Jaeger-LeCoultre is researching extensively the area of science and technology for its watch manufacturing. Their discovery is then utilized in the evolution of their watches. Their innovation is relished by many watch lovers around the globe for several years now. These achievements have increased their objective in revolutionizing the watch manufacturing industry and not to mention their inspiration in creating a efficiently manufacturing process in the Swiss country. It was in 1929 when Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced its first watch bearing the company’s name etched on the watch’s body. But, before this success, Antoine LeCoultre has already become triumphant in the world of horology by producing some innovation which was later adopted on the company’s flagship timepieces. Among Antoince LeCoultre’s innovation is the breakthrough of the millionometer. It is a key-less and winding systems that have been used on the first pocket watches in the world. Antoine is also responsible for the innovation and development of the Duoplan which is a two level movement. This is also a first in the world of watch technology. Jaeger-LeCoultre, armed with magnificent skills and experience in producing innovative components, have further move forward to produce ultra small components that was adopted to produced compact and slim timepieces. This innovation was later widely copied by other watch competition such as Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. Today, fake LeCoultre watch manufacturers have imitated the design made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, as we know at The stunning beauty of an ultra thin watch has been imitated to perfection on every fake LeCoultre watch. The LeCoultre Master series is one of LeCoultre’s models that have been imitated. Most of its exterior details and style has been carefully crafted to make sure that it will look exactly as the genuine brand.

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